The information contained in this page is based on measures and ordinances published by the Swiss government (Federal Council) on February 16th 2022.

COVID-19 restrictions in Switzerland

Insomni'hack is held in accordance with all the rules and restrictions applicable in Switzerland at the time of the event.

While these rules may be subject to changes until the end of March, all the information contained in this page is aligned with the measures and ordinances published by the Federal Council on February 16th 2022 and applicable as of February 17th 2022. Note however that, in case of contrary information between our website and the official sources, the latter should be considered authoritative.

Attending Insomni’hack

As most sanitary measured have been lifted in Switzerland as of January 17th, Insomni'hack 2022 will be accessible to all (registered) participants without any specific sanitary requirements. No COVID certificate will be requested at entrance and masks won’t be mandatory during the event.

This applies to the whole event including conference, workshops, CTF (and other contests) as well as dinners and social events.

Entering Switzerland

Health-related measures for persons entering Switzerland have also been lifted by the Swiss Government. Relevant information is published by the Swiss Government here.

Refund Policy

Tickets will only be refunded in case of cancellation of the event by the organisers.
Failure to meet the requirements for entering the event or for travelling to Switzerland does not entitle participants to any form of refund or compensation.