2019 Exploit Quest results

This year, the famous Exploit room was replaced with a scavenger hunt named Exploit Quest. Teams had to solve at least 10 challenges scattered around the CTF room to retrieve a code and unlock a safe located towards the organiser's desk. Among the proposed challenges, there was a white room as shown in the photo below and many others :

  • dummy challenge
  • camera challenge,
  • led box challenge,
  • business card challenge
  • lock picking challenge
  • printer challenge
  • poster challenge
  • beer challenge
  • wifi challenge
  • Zelda challenge

Each of these step allowed to recover a part of the final secret split with the Shamir Secret Sharing algorithm. For more details about these challenges, you will certainly find writeups available on the internet 😉

Congratulations to flagbot for being the first team to solve the Exploit Quest, and congratulations to Duks and 0FA for their respective second and third place. The scoreboard below shows the fastest teams :

Team Time to solve
flagbot 03:13
duks 03:26
0FA 03:47
Hacking4Beers 04:23
polygl0ts 04:47
Dragon Sectors 04:55
Ball3stief 05:10
CondomOnFire 05:11
De_trust_2 05:34
localghost 05:41
aTeam 05:48
Les Pires Hat 05:57
Inshallhack 06:28
monster_bulle 06:51
Fingerless 07:18
Les semis croustillants 07:28
mushd00m 07:49
SystemHustlers 08:25
BlufferOverflow 08:44
Soft qui peut! 08:59
Je s'appelle Root 09:00
4-ev4r 09:12
R4cineMwa 09:41
FIXME 09:56

We hope that all of you who participated to this challenge had a blast solving it. See you next year 😉