Insomni’hack 2021 is postponed...

As we have posted a few months ago, the whole team here at SCRT has been looking towards February 2021 as the target date for a new edition of Insomni’hack.

While starting to set things in motion, we have also been closely monitoring the situation both in Switzerland and the rest of the world hoping for signs of a positive evolution.

Unfortunately, our hopes were dashed.

As of now – a mere 4 months before the set date – all indicators have significantly worsened and the trend is still adverse with governments imposing new restrictions. In view of this, we have reluctantly decided to cancel the organization of Insomni’hack 2021 at the dates that have been previously announced.

This is however not a complete cancellation of Insomni’hack for 2021. We are still planning on organizing the event later next year. This later date will however depend on several factors, the most critical being the evolution of the situation related to COVID-19.

Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter for future updates, as soon as organizing a safe and enjoyable event seems possible again.