CTF Teaser (online)

The CTF Teaser is traditionally held around 2 months before the main event. As usual, the exact dates and any additional information will be provided through our Twitter account.

The Teaser's Top 3 teams will receive free accommodation (hotel, 2 nights) in Lausanne in order to participate at the onsite CTF as well as free entrance for Insomni'hack conference.

CTF (onsite)


The main Insomni'hack CTF contest - one of the largest onsite CTFs in the world - is held on the last day of the conference (Friday). It starts shortly after the end of the talks and extends through the night until 5 AM. Teams are limited to 8 participants, onsite only. Participation to the CTF is free of charge, however due to the limited number of available seats (approx. 700), prior registration is required.

Student teams from technical schools and universities are welcome to the onsite CTF. They will benefit from a dedicated ranking in order to compete against each other. Each school team is also limited up to 8 players (including a maximum of 2 professors/teaching assistants).

Please contact ctf [at] for additional details or questions.

Practical information

Source code, resources and some solutions from previous editions challenges can be found on our GitHub repository.

For the onsite event, make sure to bring power adapters and outlets, as well as a network cable for each participant.


As crypto-currencies can't be trusted, we provide real, old-fashioned silver for the top 3 teams.

The top 3 student teams will receive dedicated prices and swag.